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Don Lorenzo Servitje and his famous chair, Bimbo® story

Don Lorenzo's Chair

I worked at Grupo Bimbo® for 40 years, which I enjoyed enormously. My story started on June 11, 1964 when I went to see Mr. Jaime Sendra at Bimbo® Santa María to apply for a job. I was accepted as...
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The first real profits, this is the Bimbo® story

The First Real Profits

When Lara became part of the Bimbo® family, I never imagined the changes that would bring into my life and the life of my peers. I only became aware of them on a day in May when I got to work early....
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The first mexican "Bolillo" machine, Bimbo® story

The first Mexican “Bolillo” Machine

The family history of Bimbo® founders dates back to a long tradition of bakers. Already in 1918, we find that Don Juan Servitje, the father of Lorenzo and Roberto Servitje, patented the first Mexican...
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How it all started, Bimbo® story

How it all started

"Bimbo® Bakery" started operations on December 2nd 1945 with only 34 people working in a small plant in Mexico City located in the district of Santa Maria Insurgentes in 117 North 58 Street. Its...
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Reforestamos México, program of Green Grupo Bimbo®

Reforestemos Mexico A.C.

During 2012, we worked with 13 CFEs (Community Forest Enterprises) with 263.476 hectares under sustainable forest management and we provided capacity building for 233 people from 26 communities with...
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