Countries filled with flavor


United States of America

By 1984 we began to export baked goods to the United States and in 1998 we made our first U.S. acquisition when purchasing the Mrs Baird's Bakeries Company in Texas.


We were born in Mexico in 1943. Now we are the leading baking company in the country.


In 1990 we entered Guatemala and established Bimbo® Central America.

El Salvador

In the 90s we were established with the creation of Bimbo® Central America.


In the 90s we entered Nicaragua which became a part of Bimbo® Central America.

Costa Rica

In the 1990s we entered Costa Rica which became a part of Bimbo® Central America.


We began operations in 1994 then went to market the year of 1995 in San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba.


In 1990 we bought Holsum Bakery in Venezuela, one of its largest baking companies, and started earning the affection of the venezuelans


We arrived in 1991 with an investment of 12 million dollars to build a bread plant.


Bimbo® has been in Peru since 1998 and is enjoyed by many.


In 1996 we built a plant in Tenjo, Cundinamarca and began with 225 trucks in Bogota.


In 1995 we joined Alesa S.A. Baking Company in Chile and made it part of Group Bimbo®.


In 2006 we reached Uruguay and acquired the Sorchantes Company then added Pan Catalan in 2007 incorporating more people and new products.


In 2008 we acquired a local plant in Paraguay and started producing our specialties.


In 2014 we strengthened our presence in Latin America by going to market in Ecuador.


In 2001 we entered Brazil, winning their hearts with our baked goods while becoming the leading baking company in Latin America.


In 2014 we acquired Saputo Bakery Inc. in Canada which made us the largest baking company in the world.


In 2006 Grupo Bimbo® broke barriers and established a presence in China.


In 2011 Grupo Bimbo® establishes Bimbo® Iberia after acquiring Bimbo® Portugal then integrates the Portugal business.


In 2011 Grupo Bimbo® acquired Bimbo® Spain then integrated this business into Bimbo® Iberia.