Bimbo® Bread
The best variety of breads for you and your family
Bimbo® Bread, the best variety of breads for you and your family.
Bimbo® sweet baked goods
Tradition that brings families together
Bimbo® Sweet Baked Goods, with less sugar and more calcium.
Meet the Bimbo® Bear, the icon of Bimbo®.


Meet the icon that has been with us throughout our company's journey, our Bimbo® bear

Journey with him to discover Bimbo's® rich history, to learn of our product portfolio and to see how his image has changed over time.

He loves an active life just like you! Discover his recipe to happiness over the years

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Celebrating 70 years of progress and achievement , a dream that started with a few and is now a reality : Bimbo® is currently the world's largest bread maker.

"Bimbo® Bakery" started operations on December 2nd 1945 with only 34 people working in a small plant in Mexico City located in the district of Santa Maria Insurgentes in 117 North 58 Street.