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Hot Air Balloon Festival

In 2016 the Hot Air Balloon Festival takes over the USA and BIMBO® USA joins this magical event, elevating the entire country’s tenderness and flavor which defines our brand with a gigantic and spectacular Bimbo® Bear Hot Air Balloon. A yearlong party, where inspiration will cover the sky with a thousand colors, the grace of these massive orbs floating in the air will enlighten the night in an impressive environment loaded with light and color.

If you are a hot air balloon lover, and feel inspired as they fly through the air, join us across the country in this wonderful festival for the entire family. These are some of the activities you can’t miss: -Fun hot air balloon trips -Fantasy flights -Food festivals -Art exhibits -Romantic dinners -Rides, -Musical events, -Food trucks, -Picnic areas -Children recreation areas. Remember that the Bimbo® Bear will be present, will soar through the skies and fill each festival with flavor.

Under his arm he will carry the tenderness and tradition that has nourished various American generations. We hope to see you so we can cover the sky with magic and color.