parent tips:maintaining a happy home

Help your kids perform at school

Since you can't be with your kids at school, there are some simple things you can do at home to set them up to succeed. First, get involved. Ask your kids about their day. Find out what homework they have and set rules for them to complete it before they can watch TV or play video games. Then, check their work. Make sure they completed it that night. Don't be afraid to ask their teacher what is expected. Ask your kids how they are feeling. Let them know it's OK to let you know if they are having problems in certain subjects, or with their teacher and fellow students. If they are uncomfortable in their classrooms, you can speak with the school to adjust their situation. Joining the PTA/PTO can give you a firsthand look into what's going on and you can meet other parents in the same situation. Don't forget, providing your kids balanced meals at home gives them the energy they need to stay alert at school. It will go a long way in helping them perform all day long.

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